Embodied Presence: A Virtual Practicum
With Rav Kohenet Taya SherE

Next Offered in Fall 2017

This 8-week virtual practicum invites and supports us to cultivate a being-ness that is aligned with our essential self and gifts and with Source.  Explore right pace, inhabit space, be guided by gratitude and become fluent in state transmission. The Embodied Presence Virtual Practicum engages simple and potent exercises and inquires to activate awareness, to strengthen and supply our senseory selves and to empower our embodied presence.  Concentrated content becomes available in the course forum each Monday in a both audio and print form and is supplemented by an online discussion forum and two integration calls.  Practicing and exploring together, we become additionally, exceptionally here and whole.

Cost is $200.  Register via Paypal to kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com or be in touch for details on sending a check.

Session 1: Presencing Pace

Session 2: Presencing Grace & Gratitude

SEssion 3: Presencing Space

SEssion 4: Presencing Place & Elementals

SEssion 5: Presencing Soma

Session 6: Presencing State

SEssion 7: Presencing Form & Flow

Session 8: Presencing Completion