Embodied Presence: A Virtual Practicum
With Rav Kohenet Taya SherE

August 6 - september 30, 2018

This 8-week practicum invites and supports us to cultivate a being-ness that is aligned with our essential self and gifts and with Source. Explore right pace, inhabit space, be guided by gratitude and become fluent in state transmission. Embodied Presence engages simple and potent exercises and inquires to activate awareness, to strengthen and supply our sensory selves and to empower our embodied presence. Concentrated content is made available each Monday morning in the course forum in both audio and print form. Practicing and exploring together, we become additionally, exceptionally here and whole. Students are assigned chevrutah / study partners, and Taya Mâ is available for questions in the online discussion forum and on group Zoom calls Zoom call Thursday August 16th at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET and Sunday September 30th at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm ET.

Cost is $200 for the course, payable by Paypal to kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com (as a friends and family payment to avoid fees). This course is open to all who are drawn - across genders and faith traditions - you needn't be a Kohenet student to register.

Session 1: Presencing Pace

Session 2: Presencing Grace & Gratitude

SEssion 3: Presencing Space

SEssion 4: Presencing Place & Elementals

SEssion 5: Presencing Soma

Session 6: Presencing State

SEssion 7: Presencing Form & Flow

Session 8: Presencing Completion

One-With-A-Flow: Menstruation as Transformative Practice

with rav Kohenet Taya Mâ Shere

October 8 - December 21, 2018

Who is the authority on menstrual blood? What wisdom do we turn to for deciphering the sacredness of our cycles? How may our foremothers have honored menstruation and childbirth? For thousands of years, Jewish teachings on women's blood during and after menstruation and childbirth have centered on rabbinic interpretation of, and decisions regarding, “ritual purity“. The wisdom living inside the bodies of the very ones affected by these processes and decisions was largely devalued and ignored. Today, a deeper understanding and exploration of the meaning and power in traditions and customs surrounding menstrual blood is emerging among spiritual leaders, scholars, healers and practitioners of Judaism. 

In this three month course, we reclaim the sacredness of menstruation from a Hebrew Priestess perspective. 

One-With-a-Flow invites bleeding ones into new insights, possibilities and practices, toward transforming and deepening our relationship with menstruation as an experience and expression of embodied divinity. This course is designed to inspire and engage those already a path of reclaiming Jewish menstrual wisdom as well as those just beginning such a journey. 

Explore renewed Jewish wisdom and perspectives on menstrual blood and cycles.

Transform teachings on tumah, taharah and niddah toward body-temple consciousness.

Practice embodied lunar awareness, womb-listening, menstrual sabbath & free bleeding.

This course is open to all who menstruate, who once menstruated, or who seek to heal their relationship with - or embrace the transformative potential of - menstruation. Course content is delivered each new and full moon week as both audio recording and written text in the online course portal. We gather for three communal zoom calls close to the new moon - Monday October 8, 2018, Wednesday November 7, 2018 and Thursday December 6, 2018. These calls will included shared intention setting, exploration and sacred conversation / integration of course material and will be shared via recording with those unable to attend live. Course content is delivered by audio recording and written text in the online course portal.  Cost is $250. Contact kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com to register or with questions.


Sefer Yetzirah: Meditation, Magic, and the Cosmic Architecture with Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer

October 19 through December 21, 2017

Sefer Yetzirah is an ancient and foundational work of Jewish mysticism.  This brief and cryptic book imagines letters as the building blocks of the universe, and focuses our attention on the components of space, time, and soul and the elements of air, fire, and water.  Its goal is to allow adepts to contemplate, and even partake in, the Divine creative process.  We will be reading sections from the book closely in order to understand the meaning of Sefer Yetzirah and its potential role in an earth-based, feminist, contemporary Jewish belief and contemplative practice.   We will also be using the book to meditate and reflect on our own spiritual experience.  The class will be taught via Zoom and can also be accessed via phone.  The class will be available via web recording as well. Thursdays, Oct. 19, Nov. 2, Nov. 9, Nov. 16, Dec. 7, Dec. 21 from 12 pm-1:15 pm ESTCost: $250, to register, e-mail contactkohenet@gmail.com. The course comes with a text booklet; you must also purchase the Sefer Yetzirah translation by Aryeh Kaplan.  All sessions will be recorded and posted on-line; you can take the class even if the time block does not work for you.

Sex & The Sephirot:  A Pleasure Journey
through the Omer
with Rav Kohenet Taya Mâ Shere

April 20 - June 9, 2018

The seven weeks between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuot - known as the period of counting the Omer - invite us on an intentional journey from constriction to pleasure, union & revelation. The Omer offers a focused opportunity to bring attention to patterns we desire to transform.

In Sex and the Sephirot, we’ll engage the Omer toward experiencing greater erotic presence, deepening our commitment to sex that is nourishing and healthful for us, and embracing ritual practices of self-pleasure - or pleasure with partners - amidst the support and container of sex-positive community and joyful accountability.  We’ll work with the sephirot through an embodied pelvic mapping of the kabbalistic tree of life created specifically for this course.

This offering is for you if: You have a pattern around self-pleasure or sex with partners that you want to transform. You feel excited - and perhaps a little nervous - about being held in a lovingly tended group container to additionally integrate the sacred into your erotic life. You desire to claim pleasure as prayer. 

This seven week journey includes weekly teachings delivered by audio and text, three collective video calls which are a combination of teaching and personal check-in's (Thursday April 12, Thursday May 3, Monday May 21 @ 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern), weekly connection with a classmate and a 30 minute individual support session by Skype with Taya Mâ.  Because of significant U.K. based registration, we'll be adding GMT-time-zone-friendly calls).

Pelvic mapping materials are a part of course content, and this course is open to and designed for people of all gender expressions.  Our frame is Jewishly rooted, and this course is open across faith practices - no background in Judaism necessary. The course requires a clearly stated commitment to confidentiality, in support of the depth and vulnerability of our work.

Course registration is $275. Registration is open through March 30, 2018 or until the course fills, whichever comes first.  Register by paypal to kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com (as a friends and family payment to avoid fees). Feel free to contact kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com with questions.

With Ravot Kohanot Jiill Hammer & Taya SherE

Next offered January - December 2018

This monthly Virtual Temple class presents an earth-based view of the Jewish calendar, including ancient practices and modern customs, and explores Kohenet-resonant ways to create meaningful holiday ritual.  This ten-month class includes readings, recorded lectures, an on-line discussion forum, audio guides for embodied practice and ritual and liturgy for each festival season.  This class serves as a holiday community where studentspost about their holiday experiences and practices, and share their questions and ideas. Required texts are The Jewish Book of Days by Jill Hammer and Seasons of Our Joy by Arthur Waskow, and additional material is also posted and assigned.

Register via paypal to kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com and place "Wheel of the Year" in subject line.  Cost is $320 for the year.

January 2018: Introduction

February 2018: Feast of the Tree of Life / Tu Bishvat

March 2018: Purim, Festival of the Sacred Fool

April 2018: Pesach, Full Moon of Liberation

May 2018: The Journey of the Omer

June 2018: Shavuot, Sinai and Sacred Loaves

July 2018: Tisha b'Av and Tu b'Av: From Weeping to Dancing

August 2018: No Class / Break

September 2018: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

October 2018:Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

November 2018: Rosh Hodesh / The New Moon

December 2018: Hanukah

Faces of Shekhinah:
Meeting the Divine Feminine in Jewish Texts
with Rabbi / Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer

April - September 2018

Faces of Shekhinah: Meeting the Divine Feminine in Jewish Texts explores biblical, talmudic, and mystical texts related to faces of the Divine Feminine across Jewish history, and invites participants to experience these faces of the Divine through guided meditation. The course includes weekly lectures, textual sources, online discussion in the class forum, and guided meditations. 

Faces of Shekhinah: Meeting the Divine Feminine in Jewish Texts explores biblical, talmudic, and mystical texts related to faces of the Divine Feminine across Jewish history, and invites participants to experience these faces of the Divine through guided meditation. The course includes biweekly lectures, textual sources, online discussion in the class forum, and guided meditations. The class begins April 16, 2018. Lectures are select Wednesdays at 8 pm ET and are all recorded for later listening. 

Cost is $250. Register via paypal to kohenetvirtualtemple@gmail.com and place "Faces of Shekhinah" in subject line.

Class 1: April 16-30   (Lecture April 18 8 pm ET). Class 2: April 30-May 14 (Lecture May 2 8 pm ET). Class 3: May 14-28 (Lecture May 16 8 pm ET). Class 4: May 28-June 11 (Lecture May 30 8 pm ET). Class 5: June 11-June 25 (Lecture June 13 8 pm ET). Class 6: Aug. 6-20 (Lecture Aug. 8) Class 7: Aug. 20-Sept. 3 (Lecture Aug. 22)
Class 8: Sept. 3-17 (Lecture Sept. 5)

Session 1: The Divine Glory: Shekhinah in Exodus and the TalmuD

Session 2: Lady Wisdom and the Book of Proverbs

Session 3: Shekhinah as Exiled Woman: The Midrash

SEssion 4: Shekhinah as Divine Daughter

Session 5: The Cosmic Mother: Divine Feminine as Womb

SEssion 6: Shekhinah as Lover: The Sabbath Bride

SEssion 7: Shekhinah as Warrior and/or Monster

SEssion 8: Shekhinah as World: Divine Feminine as All That Is

Jewish Ancestral Healing with Rav Kohenet Taya Mâ

October 2 - December 21, 2017

Every lineage includes loving and wise ancestors.  Ancestral support amplifies personal vitality and enhances communal well-being.  Cultivating connection with these bright and benevolent ancestors can create additional ease with living family members and helps clarify one's life-path, relationships and purpose.  This connection can be a great support toward healing trauma as well as anchoring ancestral blessing and gifts. 

The Jewish Ancestral Healing Virtual Immersion begins with an introductory group class by video and includes 3 personal Ancestral Healing sessions and a completion class. In the core class, we will review core aspects of Jewish Ancestral reverence practices and also of the Ancestral Lineage Healing model - developed by Dr. Daniel Foor - and set clear intentions for the work.  Personal sessions with Taya Mâ begin with an assessment of the four primary bloodlines and continue toward connecting with an ancestral guide to anchor blessing from and healing through one of the lines. Participants are assigned a class partner to check in with bi-weekly and asked to engage altar and offering practice in accordance with what emerges in their ancestral connections.  The introductory class is scheduled via doodle-poll among registered participantsto accommodate individual time needs.  Registration is $325.  To register, email contactkohenet@gmail.com.