Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute offers multi-year training in Hebrew priestessing.  This leadership training is an immersion in the movement and the sisterhood that is Kohenet. Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, founded in 2005 by Rabbi Jill Hammer and Taya Shere, has trained and ordained women as Kohanot ~ Hebrew Priestesses ~ for the past decade.

The Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute offers a two-tier training program.  The first four retreats, over the course of a year and a half, train students in ritual skills based on thirteen archetypes of the ancient Hebrew priestesses: the Weaver, the Maiden, the Midwife, the Prophetess, the Mother, the Wise Woman, the Shrinekeeper, the Queen, the Mourning Woman, the Shamaness, the Seeker, the Lover, and the Fool.  We use these priestess paths, in addition to resources of Jewish tradition, to discover ritual roles to play and ritual spaces to build.  

The second level of the program consists of three retreats over the course of a year and a half.  During this advanced year, our students focus on lifecycle ritual and advanced ritual skills, as well as on developing their unique mission statement and skill set for the specific sacred work they want to do in the world.  Upon the completion of the second level of the program, most students request to be ordained.

"I have learned through my work in Kohenet to honor the mundane as sacred. I have learned to trust in the Divine as a source of wisdom, guidance, healing, and love in the face of personal and global change and challenge." - Rinah Rachel Galper

The Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute seeks to revive and re-embody Judaism through the gifts of women spiritual leaders.  Since 2006, we have ordained over fifty Kohanot, Hebrew priestesses.  Some of our students are rabbis and teachers in Jewish community.  Some were distant from Jewish practice until they came to the Kohenet Institute. They now serve in a variety of leadership roles, facilitating transformative ritual for women’s and mixed-gender communities.  The lively and diverse Kohenet community supports on-going communal education and ritual for our alums.  

our gender Policy

Kohenet is committed to language around gender that works for our participants, that is welcoming and safe and therefore the following statement may change and shift as we go. We are currently in process of updating our gender policy to toward being additionally inclusive and invite you to check back periodically.

East Coast Training

West Coast Training

Kohenet East has two cohorts currently: Zayin (#7) which began in summer 2016 and Kohenet Tet (#9) which began in summer 2018 - these two groups form a circle including scholars, activists, ritualists, teachers, artists, and land stewards. 

We gather for week-long intensives each winter and summer - totaling 7 intensives over 3 years - with options for active online community, course-work, and conference calls. 

Kohenet training on the East Coast is held at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT, in the Berkshire mountains 2.5 hours from New York City.

Current costs for Kohenet training at Isabella Freedman is between $1380 and $1980 per retreat week (including tuition, room & board depending on accommodation chosen). Registration for Kohenet East happens through the Isabella Freedman website, after receiving acceptance into the training. 

Applications will open in late 2019 for Kohenet Kaf (#11) which will bring in summer 2020.

Our current West coast cohorts are stellar circles of ritualists, visionary artists, activists, teachers and healers.  Our next west coast training cohort begins August 19-25, 2019.  Applications opened January 1, 2019.

We gather for week-long intensives each winter (February / President’s Day week) and summer (July / August)  - totaling 7 intensives over 3 years - with options for active online community, course-work, and conference calls. 

Total tuition for Kohenet West is $5,600 which covers all retreats. Room and board are additional (the amount depends on accommodation option chosen).

Starting in 2020, February training weeks will be non-residential, in Berkeley, CA (programming 9 am - 9:30 pm, with freedom for participants to arrange their own accommodations).

Summer training weeks are residential, and are currently held at Four Springs, Retreat in Middletown, CA.