The Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute facilitates the creation of transformative Jewish ritual that is embodied, earth-based, feminist, and inspired by traditions of women’s spiritual leadership. Our curriculum is designed to train women in ritual-making and prayer that is grounded in Judaism, in the earth and the body, and in teachings of the divine feminine.

Our program has two stages: initiation and ordination


initiation: Netivot - Pathways

In this stage, participants learn intensively about the priestess paths: the ways that Jewish women have met the sacred in generations past, and the ways we can meet the sacred in the present.  Participants also learn basic components of ritual, and also how to pray and celebrate, using the Kohenet siddur, in an earth-based, embodied, divine-feminine-centered mode. Completion of this stage of the program, if requirements are met, leads to initiation: a ritual discovering Shekhinah/Sacred Spirit in yourself and in your sisters.  This stage is 4 retreats.  Retreats occur approximately every 6 months. 


Ordination: Kedeishot - Celebrating Holy Rites

In this stage, participants learn intensively about the facilitation of lifecycle ritual, hone their ritual and prayer skills as Hebrew priestesses, and discern their unique priestess work. Completion of this stage of the program, if requirements are met, leads to ordination/smicha: a ritual dedicating each graduate to working with Shekhinah/Sacred Spirit in the larger community.  This stage is 3 retreats.  Retreats occur approximately every 6 months.


In each stage, our classes fall into four elemental categories



Sacred Time and Space Earth sessions focus on the making of ritual and on crucial ritual components and skills. Earth sessions may also focus on calendrical or other important information related to ritual-making.



Priestess Flow In these sessions, we learn priestess tools for use in cultivating our own consciousness and for working with communities. Through discovering tools like dreamwork, herbal healing, or we find the best tools to serve our own priestess callings.



Paths of Spirit These text and experience-based classes focus on embodying the priestess archetypes, such as Wise Woman, Maiden, Weaver, Seeker, Prophetess, etc. In these classes, we learn the different faces and aspects of priestesses, sacred women, and the divine feminine.



Prayer and Spirit Journey These classes and sessions focus on connecting to spirit. As tools, we use words from our tradition, words we create, chant, and meditation/spirit journey. We discover how to awaken our own sacred connection and facilitate the sacred connection of others.