What is the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute?

Kohenet is a training program in spiritual leadership for women on a Jewish path. Kohenet is also a movement, a sisterhood, and a network of communities.

Kohenet celebrates the sacred in the body, the earth, and the cosmos, holding the world to be an embodiment of Shekhinah— divine presence.

Kohenet reclaims the traditions of women, from the priestesses and prophetesses of biblical antiquity to healers, dreamers, and seekers throughout Jewish tradition.

Kohenet reclaims the centrality of ritual as a transformative force in Jewish and human life, viewing spiritual leadership as the act of holding sacred space, time, and soul.

Kohenet honors the ways in which divinity appears to us in female form: through our traditions, imaginations, prayers, dreams, ancestors, and role models.

Kohenet is creating a paradigm of earth-based, embodied, feminist, Judaism.