Sharon Jaffe

Kohenet Sharon Jaffe lives in Minnesota, the heartland of this continent. I offer ritual leadership for bat Torah/Mitzvah, marriage, funerals, and any other life cycle transition; for Makom Shalom a Jewish Women’s Sacred Circle (on fb or; for planetary transformations like climate justice, white anti-racism, and justice among Jews & our neighbors everywhere and anywhere.  Also, I love altar making for Torah journeys, or any other journey.


Ellie Barbarash

Ordained in 2009, Kohenet Ellie Barbarash lives and works in Philadelphia as an occupational and infection control safety specialist; and serves Kohenet community as a Sho’eret, a ritual Guardian.  She develops innovative learning experiences, ritual, and midrash; and sings, plays djembe and wooden flutes with prayer leaders in community. Ellie teaches and writes about Chevra Kaddisha safety; and has led workshops exploring working class and poor perspectives; anti-racism and diversity; lesbian and feminist empowerment; disability access; just decision-making, mediation and equitable voices.  She is available for consultation, personal and individual life cycle events and talismans.


Juna Berry Madrone

Kohenet Tamar bat Sarah (Juna Berry Madrone) lives and loves in Ashland Oregon. A mystic sourced by Nature and the feminine Divine, Juna supports the evolution of others through spiritual counseling.  Modalities include Tarot Netivot, a Jewish mystical system; spiritual psychotherapy - Soul Memory Discovery; and transformative ritual. 

Website / Email: / Phone: (707) 932-1068

Sarah Shamirah Chandler

Sarah Shamirah Chandler is the C.C.O (Chief Compassion Officer) and team leader for the Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA), where she works to support Jewish institutions to establish meaningful food policies rooted in Jewish ethics and animal welfare. She recently served as the Director of Earth Based Spiritual Practice for Hazon's Adamah Farm and teaches, writes and consults on a national level on issues related to Judaism, the environment, mindfulness, food values, and farming. She is available to facilitate rituals such as weddings, baby namings, b'nai mitzvah, as well as crafting personalized ceremonies that support individuals through infertility, divorce, death of a loved one and more.

Rachel Rinah Galper

Rachel Rinah Galper is an ordained Kohenet, Maggid, officiant, artist, and special educator with children. She creates and facilitates Jewishly rooted life cycle, healing, and holiday rituals (including weddings, baby naming, and mikva’ot) that harness the power of our personal and collective stories.  Rinah also provides spiritual direction for women in transition and in recovery from trauma and is the founder of Mamash, a women’s wisdom collective and In Service To Spirit, a women’s wisdom oral history project.    

Kohenet Ahava Lilith evershYne

Ahava Lilith evershYne lives in Tallahassee, Florida. She is the current facilitator of monthly Kohenet healing ritual calls, co-facilitator of weekly Torah study calls, creatress of Danger Zonah: Kohenet Radical Cheerleading Squad, and has been a Wiccan priestess for over 20 years. She crafts and facilitates life cycle rituals, Rosh Chodesh and other wheel of the year rituals, offers spiritual counseling and divination sessions, is a student, writer, activist, enChantress/songstress, Reiki master, and faerie G!ddusmother.

Ariel Vegosen

Kohenet Ariel Mara Vegosen

ראובן אשר רעואלו שאני יון בת מאשה (ה)אריאל הכוהנת 

haKohenet Ariel(a) Masha bat Joan Shoni v’ Raoul Asher Rubin

קסם תרועת יורת

Yorat Teruat Kesem

Archer of Joy, Light, Liberation, and Magic

Biographical Statement:

Ariel Vegosen is a writer, educator, performer, activist, and Hebrew priestess. 

Ariel co-founded the Gender Blender Collective and is committed to creating safe 

spaces to explore gender. She is also a conflict resolution specialist, professional 

dialogue facilitator, ropes course instructor, youth educator, media wizard, 

organic therapist, and world traveler.

Priestess Mission Statement:

Priestess Ariel is a being of joy - one who radiates, shines, shimmers, and 

sparkles her light out onto the universe in focused hope of personal and 

collective liberation. Her dream vision that she is daily mani-wombifesting is a 

world of expansive gender where out beyond the ideas of binary we receive the 

gifts of full human potential. As a grounded and rooted wanderer and adventurer 

she travels the globe working for economic, environmental, and racial justice, 

gender and sexual liberation, and is always at home. She embodies the spirit of 

being true to who you are, of loving yourself completely, of creating happiness for 

herself and others, of being connected to her body that bleeds and of honoring 

this blood and Priestessing others to do the same. She is an Orier - a carrier and 

shiner of light. She is an archer with her arrow pointed, the bow pulled back, and 

she is flying glitter shooting out everywhere rainbows of justice, love, light, and 

joy. She is a deep listener, transformer, radical lover of life, spontaneous, playful, 

imaginative, creative, faerie, connected connector, writer, performer, dancer, 

educator, activist, artist, edge species, queer fabulous, gender liberation 

movement leader, facilitator creating spaces for people to show up as their full 

self and explore all they are, ritual leader, one who states her desires, fiercely 

vulnerable, and one who brings magic to the mundane. Ariel is a Dream 

Prophetess and interpreter. She is a lovelutionary who fully believes that her 

work and journey is in thanks to her ancestors, the earth, and Goddess. She is a 

child of the Universe and deeply connected to earth and land and gives thanks to 

this land that holds Kohenet that held her Grandmother and holds her mother, 

father, sister, Kohenet sisters, lovers, and her. She gives gratitude to the plants, 

animals, and especially the trees.