Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 8: Completion

What are your patterns around completion? 

Is there anything in your pattern of previous completions that you feel particularly good about?  What does it look like for you to be complete in a good way?

What do you want to be different in how you leave or end? How can you bring additional presence to your completions?

What are the current completions you are inside of? What feels right and ripe in them? What feels challenging / what edges are you riding?

What does the dance between completion and pace look like for you? Completion connects to each exploration we’ve touched in realms of presence. How do you complete in space? How do you complete in time? How do you complete in flow?   

Just like when clutter-busting, we can be been supported by the reframe of focusing on what we love and need, and let the rest drop away, rather than focusing on what we are letting go of, the same is true around completion. What would it look like for you to give significant attention and focus to what you love and are beginning and creating, and allowing the completion pieces to be tended from that larger yes? 

How do you wish to complete this course well?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for completion?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...