Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 7: Form and Flow

What is your relationship to structure and flow? How are you compelled, or repelled, by each of them? 

What are the current structures in your life? What are the structures that support your highest integrity and alignment at this time?

What are your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rhythms and what are core practices and structures that support you in each of these measurements of time? 

What are your ritual structures around morning and night? Do your waking and pre-sleep routines support and offer a sacred container around your day, and your sleep/night?

Reflect back on what you’ve learned about your optimal space, in week 2 of this course. What structures are needed to support your space and home?

What do you know about your relationship with flow? How you like to move in the world? What is your flow in time and space and how can the structures you create for yourself amplify the flow that is most aligned for you?  

Reflect on a time when someone cancelled a plan you had or was running late to meet you, or a moment when a flight was delayed, or a situation where something external to you shaped your experience differently than you’d expected. What is your experience when a plan you made shifts? Do you feel ease and curiousity and spaciousness? Are you easily able to drop in to presence with what is? Do you find yourself constricting, expecting, controlling, or needing things to be as you thought they would be? What supports your fluidity to embrace things are and shifting to well-meet what is?

Is it simple for you to embrace and flow with your needs? How do you navigate making a change to what you have originally planned, or altering a commitment you’ve made with another person? How does it feel to you to “run late” if it is because you are immersed in and flowing with an experience that matters to you?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for form and flow?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...