Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 6: State

What state are you choosing to cultivate now? How has your attention to your desired state changed throughout being part of this course?

How does your state of being impact your day? Reflect on the past week and review each day, list what states you embodied at various moments and what states you might have offered to bring more flow to constricted moments.

What is your experience of how the state you bring to an experience impacts those around you? What supports your optimal state transmission?

What is your immediate default response to something unexpected? How can cultivating state support you in responding to life in accordance with how you want to show up in the world?

What does your state-cultivation toolkit include? What music supports you in accessing a variety of states you might seek? Do you prefer devotional chant, dance beats, soul tracks, songs from your childhood? Which scents and incense help you to transport or deepen, uplift or purify?

How has tending pace and space impacted your experience of state?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for state?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...