Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 3: Space

Choose a space — your home, your office, your vehicle, or for any who are nomadic, your suitcase or backpack. Call this place into your mind’s eye, or if you are there now, gaze upon it or perceive it with your wider sense body. Notice what is particularly resonant. What do you love about this space? What are the elements here that most clearly vibrate “yes”? What do you notice here that is not aligned with a “yes” yet? What energy or elements break the flow of the space or feel draining? What is needed to amplify what is resonant? What is needed to release what is not resonant? 

If you had to give an order of importance to items in your space, what would be in your top 10? 20? 30? Make a list highlight what you love and need. Once you’ve taken stock in this way, check in to see if it’s any easier to release what you don’t actually love or need.

How clean is your space? What is your relationship to cleaning spaces? Is it in balance, and an integrated practice that supports what you care about? Does cleaning feel like a chore, or an obsession? Are there kinds of cleaning that you are drawn to, or that are therapeutic for you? Are there aspects of cleaning that you resist and consistently ignore? Are there practices around cleaning that you are ready to take on in support of your desired feeling state? 

What does it look like for you to tend your health toward embodied presence? How are you currently tending your physical body?

In this moment, what is your level of embodied presence - to what extent are you actually in your body? 

What choices are you making that support you inhabiting your body as fully as possible? What structures and tools help you to make these choices? What choices are you making that diminish your presence in your body? What support or accountability would help you root more nourishing choices in your life?

As you explore realms of Clearing and Inhabiting Space in inner and outer realms, notice what emerges for you. What frees up? What are places of challenge? 

What is your experience of the embodied practices for space?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...