Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 1: Pace

What is your desired relationship with pace?

Where are you currently in right relationship with pace in your life? What signifies to you that you are in right pace? What does it feel like in your body?  

Does the pace at which your body moves through your home and through the world support you in a state of presence? 

Are there places where you override your body’s natural pace to get yourself somewhere or to meet an imagined or real need? In those moments, how might you call yourself into presence so that you are choosing your pace consciously? 

Rather than thinking of pace as fast or slow, I suggest we frame pace in terms of internally or externally generated. When you allow your body to move you, how does your body move? Does this contrast with how you move your body to meet something outside yourself?

In what way does moving at an aligned pace support you being more fully attuned to the sacred and to the divine flow inside of you? If r i g h t p a c e i s p r a y e r, how do you move as an expression of embodied devotion?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for pace (see previous page) this week?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...