Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 8: Completion

What are your patterns around completion? 

Is there anything in your pattern of previous completions that you feel particularly good about?  What does it look like for you to be complete in a good way?

What do you want to be different in how you leave or end? How can you bring additional presence to your completions?

What are the current completions you are inside of? What feels right and ripe in them? What feels challenging / what edges are you riding?

What does the dance between completion and pace look like for you? Completion connects to each exploration we’ve touched in realms of presence. How do you complete in space? How do you complete in time? How do you complete in flow?   

Just like when clutter-busting, we can be been supported by the reframe of focusing on what we love and need, and let the rest drop away, rather than focusing on what we are letting go of, the same is true around completion. What would it look like for you to give significant attention and focus to what you love and are beginning and creating, and allowing the completion pieces to be tended from that larger yes? 

How do you wish to complete this course well?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for completion?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 7: Form and Flow

What is your relationship to structure and flow? How are you compelled, or repelled, by each of them? 

What are the current structures in your life? What are the structures that support your highest integrity and alignment at this time?

What are your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rhythms and what are core practices and structures that support you in each of these measurements of time? 

What are your ritual structures around morning and night? Do your waking and pre-sleep routines support and offer a sacred container around your day, and your sleep/night?

Reflect back on what you’ve learned about your optimal space, in week 2 of this course. What structures are needed to support your space and home?

What do you know about your relationship with flow? How you like to move in the world? What is your flow in time and space and how can the structures you create for yourself amplify the flow that is most aligned for you?  

Reflect on a time when someone cancelled a plan you had or was running late to meet you, or a moment when a flight was delayed, or a situation where something external to you shaped your experience differently than you’d expected. What is your experience when a plan you made shifts? Do you feel ease and curiousity and spaciousness? Are you easily able to drop in to presence with what is? Do you find yourself constricting, expecting, controlling, or needing things to be as you thought they would be? What supports your fluidity to embrace things are and shifting to well-meet what is?

Is it simple for you to embrace and flow with your needs? How do you navigate making a change to what you have originally planned, or altering a commitment you’ve made with another person? How does it feel to you to “run late” if it is because you are immersed in and flowing with an experience that matters to you?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for form and flow?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 6: State

What state are you choosing to cultivate now? How has your attention to your desired state changed throughout being part of this course?

How does your state of being impact your day? Reflect on the past week and review each day, list what states you embodied at various moments and what states you might have offered to bring more flow to constricted moments.

What is your experience of how the state you bring to an experience impacts those around you? What supports your optimal state transmission?

What is your immediate default response to something unexpected? How can cultivating state support you in responding to life in accordance with how you want to show up in the world?

What does your state-cultivation toolkit include? What music supports you in accessing a variety of states you might seek? Do you prefer devotional chant, dance beats, soul tracks, songs from your childhood? Which scents and incense help you to transport or deepen, uplift or purify?

How has tending pace and space impacted your experience of state?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for state?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 5: Soma & Pleasure

What does living as if your body is sacred - or as if your body is the body of the Sacred - look and feel like? How do you move your body? How does your sacred body want to move?

What would change for you if you more fully experienced your body as Sacred?  How might your choices and actions shift? 

How do you adorn your sacred body? What textures, colors and shapes are most pleasing and supportive?

What nourishes you? What does your sacred body want to eat, and how?

How do you make love through and with the body of the Sacred? 

What is your experience of the embodied practices for soma? What are the ways you are saying yes to the Sacred in your body this week?   

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 4: Place & Elementals

What do you notice in the place where you are in this moment that is a resource for you and connects you with an experience you desire? What do you notice in this place that affects you in a way that is less than what you desire? 

What is your relationship with the elements? Are you in actively honoring and engaging with them? 

What are your “home elements” — the elements that you feel most yourself when you are around, elements you feel you bring to the world through your gifts and your being? 

Are there people or places you feel drawn to or repelled by because of the strong elemental energies they hold?

What was your experience creating and tending your altar this week?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for place and elementals?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 3: Space

Choose a space — your home, your office, your vehicle, or for any who are nomadic, your suitcase or backpack. Call this place into your mind’s eye, or if you are there now, gaze upon it or perceive it with your wider sense body. Notice what is particularly resonant. What do you love about this space? What are the elements here that most clearly vibrate “yes”? What do you notice here that is not aligned with a “yes” yet? What energy or elements break the flow of the space or feel draining? What is needed to amplify what is resonant? What is needed to release what is not resonant? 

If you had to give an order of importance to items in your space, what would be in your top 10? 20? 30? Make a list highlight what you love and need. Once you’ve taken stock in this way, check in to see if it’s any easier to release what you don’t actually love or need.

How clean is your space? What is your relationship to cleaning spaces? Is it in balance, and an integrated practice that supports what you care about? Does cleaning feel like a chore, or an obsession? Are there kinds of cleaning that you are drawn to, or that are therapeutic for you? Are there aspects of cleaning that you resist and consistently ignore? Are there practices around cleaning that you are ready to take on in support of your desired feeling state? 

What does it look like for you to tend your health toward embodied presence? How are you currently tending your physical body?

In this moment, what is your level of embodied presence - to what extent are you actually in your body? 

What choices are you making that support you inhabiting your body as fully as possible? What structures and tools help you to make these choices? What choices are you making that diminish your presence in your body? What support or accountability would help you root more nourishing choices in your life?

As you explore realms of Clearing and Inhabiting Space in inner and outer realms, notice what emerges for you. What frees up? What are places of challenge? 

What is your experience of the embodied practices for space?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 2: Grace & Gratitude

Attune to grace now, simply by intending to do so. What is your experience of this attunement?

What are you giving thanks for today?

How does your body move when you are led by gratitude? What food do you prepare and how do you offer or partake of it? 

What does your day look like when it begins in gratitude practice? 

How does giving thanks before sleep affect your dreams? 

How does focussing on gratitude change your experience of making love?

When you meet someone for the first time, notice if and how you compartmentalize them. Do you choose to see only certain aspects of them, such as their job role, their gender, their appearance? Do you address them differently because of how you perceive them to be? Try on approaching new people with a sense of gratitude and wholeness. How does this change how you interact?

Do you compartmentalize any aspects of yourself? What feels different inside of you if you are perceiving and perceived as whole, rather than in fragment? 

What do you notice about encounters that are born from and steeped in an experience of grace and graciousness? What do those connections feel like in your body? 

What is your experience of the embodied practices for grace & gratitude this week?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Embodied Presence Discussion Forum 1: Pace

What is your desired relationship with pace?

Where are you currently in right relationship with pace in your life? What signifies to you that you are in right pace? What does it feel like in your body?  

Does the pace at which your body moves through your home and through the world support you in a state of presence? 

Are there places where you override your body’s natural pace to get yourself somewhere or to meet an imagined or real need? In those moments, how might you call yourself into presence so that you are choosing your pace consciously? 

Rather than thinking of pace as fast or slow, I suggest we frame pace in terms of internally or externally generated. When you allow your body to move you, how does your body move? Does this contrast with how you move your body to meet something outside yourself?

In what way does moving at an aligned pace support you being more fully attuned to the sacred and to the divine flow inside of you? If r i g h t p a c e i s p r a y e r, how do you move as an expression of embodied devotion?

What is your experience of the embodied practices for pace (see previous page) this week?

Feel welcome to post your responses and inquiries...

Welcome & Introductions

Discussion Forum: Feel welcome! Introduce yourself and share your responses to the Welcome to Embodied Presence document / audio here.

  1. Name yourself into our circle — "I am _________________."
  2. Respond to these questions:  
  • What is your desired feeling state when participating in this course?
  • What are the ways you currently experience embodied presence?
  • What do you most want to receive and experience here?
  • What is the evolution you are welcoming in relation to embodied presence?