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New East and West Coast Cohorts Begin Training August 2016

Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute offers multi-year training in Hebrew priestessing.  This leadership training is an immersion in the movement and the sisterhood that is Kohenet. Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, founded in 2005 by Rabbi Jill Hammer and Taya Shere, has trained and ordained women as Kohanot ~ Hebrew Priestesses ~ for the past decade.

The Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute offers a two-tier training program.  The first four retreats, over the course of a year and a half, train women in basic ritual skills based on thirteen archetypes of the ancient Hebrew priestesses: the Weaver, the Maiden, the Midwife, the Prophetess, the Mother, the Wise Woman, the Shrinekeeper, the Queen, the Mourning Woman, the Shamaness, the Seeker, the Lover, and the Fool.  We use these archetypes, in addition to resources of Jewish tradition, to discover ritual roles to play and ritual spaces to build.  

The second level of the program consists of three retreats over the course of a year and a half.  During this level of the program, our students focus on lifecycle ritual skills as well as other advanced ritual skills, and on developing their own mission statement and skill set for the specific sacred work they want to do in the world.  At the end of the second level of the program, students may request to be ordained.