Aug 21

New East and West Coast Cohorts Begin Training August 2016

Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute offers multi-year training in Hebrew priestessing.  This leadership training is an immersion in the movement and the sisterhood that is Kohenet. Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, founded in 2005 by Rabbi Jill Hammer and Taya Shere, has trained and ordained women as Kohanot ~ Hebrew Priestesses ~ for the past decade.

Jul 17

Colorado: Altars, Dreams, Chants & Journeys - Ancient Hebrew Practices for Post-Moderns (4 Day Workshop)

Ancient Hebrew spirit workers— priestesses, priests, prophets, wise women, and shamans— used a variety of spiritual technologies to awaken to the presence of the sacred.   Some of these practices have been adapted in contemporary ways by the faculty of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute.  This four-day workshop will introduce participants to the spirit workers of ancient times, and distill four practices for awakening the spirit: altarcraft, sacred chant, dreamwork and spirit journey.   Each of these practices invites us to deepen our awareness of the workings of the holy in our lives.

May 8

Massachusetts: Embracing the Divine Mother - a Jewish Mystery Journey

  • Rowe Center


In this Mother’s Day weekend retreat, encounter the Divine Mother through the lens of ancient and contemporary Jewish mystical lore.

Deep in kabbalah and hidden corners of the Bible, legacies of the Divine Mother abound. She is known as Cosmic Womb, Holy of Holies, Cloud of Glory, Lady Wisdom, Sabbath Queen and, simply, Earth. Meet Her through chant, embodied practice, spirit journey, and in dreams. Through creative play and devoted time in nature, create space for Her to dwell.  Learn from the paths of the priestesses of biblical times, and experience their ways of visioning and being.

For a decade, the faculty of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute have been training women in sacred leadership in an earth-based, embodied mode that emphasizes transformative ritual.  With these experienced teachers, explore ancient archetypes that are applicable to women’s sacred work as well as to men’s inner feminine roles, including Weaver, Shrinekeeper, Prophetess, Wise Woman, and Seeker. Through these archetypes and their gifts, we will learn practices to support encounter with the divine feminine, re-igniting the spark of the Divine Mother in ourselves and in our world. 

10:00 am10:00

Bay Area: Shabbat Tzovot

  • Berkeley, CA USA

Join Kohenet community for Shabbat of the Shrine-Keeper.  Sacred chant & Priestess Prayer. Torah reading of the Tzovah / Shrine-Keeper.  Followed by potluck lunch.

4:30 pm16:30

New York: Kohenet Maarivah, Tu b'Shevat Seder & Havdalah

  • Upper West Side New York, NY USA

Join us for an intimate evening Kohenet service along with havdalah and a Tu b'Shevat seder! Celebrate the Tree of life and feel the soul-sap rising within. Bring a fuit to share. With Kohenet priestesses Rabbi Jill Hammer and Shoshana Jedwab. 

Mar 11

Online Course: Embodied Presence, A Virtual Practicum

This 8-week virtual practicum invites and supports us to cultivate a being-ness that is aligned with our essential self and gifts and with Source.  Explore right pace, inhabit space, be guided by gratitude and become fluent in state transmission.

6:30 pm18:30

New York: Monthly Kohenet/Romemu Soul Spa

  • West End Presbyterian Church

Join us for a special solstice soul spa: event prayer in a Kohenet and Romemu style, with reflective and ecstatic chant and ritual for the winter solstice. With Kohenet priestesses Jill Hammer and Shoshana Jedwab, and Romemu clergy Basya Schechter. No need to register, just come!