Apply to one of our Kohenet Training Programs

Please email applications to for East Coast training (next cohort begins in Summer 2020) or for West Coast training (next cohort begins in August 2019)


Phone number:


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Date of Birth: 

Applying for training on East Coast or West Coast?:


1) Please briefly describe your spiritual path and practice.


2) What is your relationship to Judaism, to earth-based & embodied practice & to the sacred feminine? 


3) Which of the thirteen priestess-archetypes (see Priestess Paths section of Kohenet website) do you resonate with most?  Which do you feel least connected to or least comfortable with?


4) What do you most deeply desire from the Kohenet Training Program?


5) How do you engage and envision your leadership in the world?  How do you serve, or have you served your community? 


6) What are your practices and priorites of self-care? 


7) Do you have any health issues or special needs that may affect your participation in Kohenet or that would be helpful for Kohenet staff to be aware of?


8) Do you have any particular questions for Kohenet staff about this training?