Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD

Co-Founder and Rav Kohenet 

Jill Hammer (Yeilah) is an author, educator, midrashist and ritualist.  She is the co-founder of the Kohenet Institute, and the Director of Spiritual Education at the Academy for Jewish Religion.  Rabbi Hammer is the author of Sisters at Sinai: New Tales of Biblical Women, The Jewish Book of Days: A Companion for All Seasons, The Omer Calendar of Biblical Women, The Garden of Time and the co-author of The Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and New Visions of Jewish Women's Spiritual Leadership and Siddur HaKohanot: A Hebrew Priestess Prayerbook.  She holds a doctorate in social psychology from the University of Connecticut and received rabbinical ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary.  She lives in Manhattan with her wife and daughter.



Co-Founder and Rav Kohenet 

Taya Shere (Taya Mâ) plays passionately in the realms of transformative ritual and embodied vocalization. Taya is co-founder and co-direct of the Kohenet Institute.  Her chant albums Wild Earth Shebrew, Halleluyah All Night, Torah Tantrikaand This Bliss have been heralded as "cutting-edge mystic medicine music."  She is co-author of The Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and New Visions of Jewish Women's Spiritual Leadership and SIddur HaKohanot: A Hebrew Priestess Prayerbook.  Trained in the folklore of religion at the University of Pennsylvania and as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, she is Spiritual Leader Emeritus of a Washington D.C. area Jewish congregation.  Taya co-leads Makam Shekhina, a multi-religious Jewish/Sufi spiritual community, teaches at Starr-King School for the Ministry and mentors emergent spiritual leaders in embodied presence and counter-oppressive devotion.  She makes home, music and other magic in the California East Bay.



faculty and Rav Kohenet

Shoshana Jedwab (Batshemesh) is the Jewish Life Coordinator at the A.J. Heschel Middle School in NYC.  She is the founding facilitator of the Makom Drum Circle at the JCC in Manhattan and is a percussionist and performance artist who has trained in bibliodrama and psychodrama.  Shoshana has performed with Storahtelling, Chana Rothman, Debbie Friedman, Kirtan Rabbi Andrew Hahn and Tel Shemesh seasonal events, and is a ritual percussionist and singer at Congregation Romemu in New York, NY.  She is Kohenet's ritual drummer and serves on the Kohenet faculty.  Her first album is titled I Remember.


Keshira haLev Fife

Executive Director and faculty

Keshira haLev Fife sprinkles sparkles, disrupts expectations, and offers blessings wherever she goes. Lovingly called “the priestess who priestesses the priestesses”, she delights in serving, supporting, up-leveling and weaving Kohenet community. She also pours love and intention into her work as founder and community shepherdess of Kesher Pittsburgh and more broadly as a shlichat tzibbur, life spiral ceremony officiant, ritual creatrix, liturgist, songstress, public speaker and writer. Keshira received smicha as a Kohenet in 2017 and earned her BS (Social History) and MS (Public Policy and Management) at Carnegie Mellon University. A dual-citizen of the USA and Australia, she and her beloved strive for right balance between traveling and nesting at home in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ordained Kohanot


Ahava Lilith Evershyne (Tallahassee, FL)

Aliza Schechter curates dance/movement experiences that touch the holy in the here and now. Based in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, Aliza is honored to priestess for growing and innovative Jewish communities such as Romemu and Shtiebel. Her offerings include movement classes and workshops, customized rituals, women’s circles and ecstatic dance events. As a licensed creative arts therapist, Aliza has worked extensively in geriatric care. She is the founder of Full Circle Dance, an emerging vision to infuse life cycle events with movement, ritual and celebration.

Alumah Schuster (Cedarburg, WI) draws on her experiences as chaplain, yogi, mother, grammie, friend, seeker, aromatherapist, ritualist, creating safe space for ritual with a calm, compassionate wisdom. Her scenting and sensing of space helps her to help others deepen the arc of devotion with both reverent and irreverent methods to experience and study Torah, enter prayer, and experience the power of the Hebrew alphabet. Her deep commitment to learning thru embodiment elizaand text opens others to remove and drop their outer garments to reveal their inner light, under the skin, revealing their truest nature and bringing them ever closer to self and Self. Her teaching is a fusion of being in third cohort of Kohenet, a Masters Degree in in wisdom literature, mythology, fairy tale and religion as well as three years of study at Siegal College of Judaic Studies. She is a RYT, certified in Yoga and Jewish Spirituality, a certified aromatherapist, trained in the somatic process of Unified Body, and works as a visiting chaplain to nursing homes, hospitals and homes. With all of these, she enters, explores, delves and honors the often silent, vast expanse of potentiality that exists in the innermost spaces between. Hidden deep inside the body, in the body of Torah, the. Body of earth or between bodies in relationship, this journey brings devotion and understanding on the path to becoming luminous bodies of being and constant becoming.

Amanda Nube (Oakland, CA) is a mother, a ceremonialist, a storyteller, and a body tender. She is the author of Healing Mama, a mythical story which highlights the importance of connection to Mother Earth, motherhood, and all the elements. Her writing, workshops, new moon, and mother-daughter circles bring earth based customs and spirituality to life. She hosts gatherings and events throughout the year, from ancestor tea ceremonies at Halloween to dance circles for Tu b’Av. She is trained in Asian systems massage, in yoga, in well-womb care, and in sacred birthing and sexuality. She offers bodywork, private and public yoga classes, retreats, birth, & postpartum support. As a Kohenet of Life Cycle Priestessing she serves during times of transition such as birthing, adolescence, union, & death. Amanda is available for council and personalized ceremony. 

Andrea Jacobson (Boulder, CO) is a Jewish and Buddhist elder, living in the mountains near Boulder, CO. She is graced and supported there by Phillip, her husband of 38 years, and their son Gabriel. The natural world is her daily teacher and her easiest portal to connection with Source. She has been a psychiatrist and psychotherapist for 40 years, and that work engages her on heart, mind, and spirit levels. Mountains, wildflowers, Point Lobos, Chapungu Sculpture Park and Congregation Nevei Kodesh are her wellsprings, as is the Kohenet practice.

Anna-Sofia Maranta (Ottawa, Canada) is a wisewoman ritualist, and spiritual leader who seeks to create sacred space grounded in the values of radical compassion, listening and hospitality. She serves as a conduit for Healing Presence at the crossroads of life. She facilitates marriage and separation rituals, rites of passage, and mourning rites; and also provides education, mentoring and support to those on a spiritual journey. Anna-Sofia lives in Ottawa, Canada. She provides services on-line and in-person.

Annie Matan (Toronto, Canada) is a freelance Spiritual leader and the Founder of Matanot Lev (Gifts of the Heart) prayer community in Downtown Toronto. She specializes in using a mix of traditional and contemporary Jewish wisdom to create and facilitate sacred experiences for people of all backgrounds. Contact her if you are yearning for support or ritual for a life spiral transition like a baby welcoming, wedding, memorial, unpartnering, healing, home dedication or even a transition that you have never heard of! You can also connect with her through workshops that weave Jewish wisdom, mindfulness, creative arts and chanting in service of life balance, spaciousness and joy or in Shabbat and holiday unservices. Annie is known for using original music to infuse her offerings with intention and soul. She is married to her partner Stuart of 7 years, and mama to their daughter, Grace Esther. They live in Toronto, ON Canada.

Ariel Vegosen (Berkeley, CA) is a professional gender and diversity inclusion trainer, workshop facilitator, sex educator, Priestess extraordinaire, consultant, relationship coach, performance artist, liberation advocate, writer, Jewish educator, social justice super hero, public speaker, adventure seeker, and lover of life. Ariel is the founder of Gender Illumination (www.genderillumination.com)  - an organizations dedicated to creating safer spaces for Trans and non-binary people through the tools of education and policy reform. For over 16 years Ariel has facilitated trainings, workshops, and written curriculum for organizations, corporations, nonprofits, schools, Jewish institutions, summer camps, universities, and faith-based communities all over the U.S. and internationally.  Ariel is proud to be an ordained Kohenet Priestess and creator of new inspirational ritual. Ariel works with people of all ages from youth to elders and uses theater, performance, embodiment, and art as tools of education and liberation. Ariel is a graduate from the Pacific School of Religion Changemaker Fellowship with a Certificate of Spirituality and Social Change. Ariel's work focuses on intersectionality, racial, gender, environmental, and economic justice, and creating communities across diverse cultural backgrounds. Ariel loves to play with pronouns, bring joy into all aspects of life, and creatively spark conversation and connections. Ariel is available for trainings, workshops, teaching, rituals, performing, consulting, coaching, speaking engagements, and can be reached at ariel@genderillumination.com.

Ashirah Marni Rothman (Berkeley, CA) is an artist whose pieces have been used in haggadot, siddurim, shivitim and home/website/shrine adornment. She is the editor of Midwifing The Ritual: Reflections on Spiritual Leadership From Kohenet Hebrew Priestesses. Her work can be accessed at www.marniashirah.com. Marni Ashirah dwells in Oholone and Chochenyo territory (a.k.a. Berkeley, California) with her partner and their dog and garden.

Bara Sapir (San Pablo, CA) is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur who engages deeply and intuitively with the world around her. An insatiable life learner, she has been a student, teacher, and professor of fine arts, an art director for Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Art and Culture, a designer of interactive Jewish children’s museum exhibits, and a singer in a Ladino group. She is Founder/CEO of City Test Prep, a holistic and mindful test preparation company with offices in New York and the San Francisco Bay area. A thought leader in this field, she is the first to combine mindful and human potential techniques with academic study and test-taking strategic mojo. She’s written books, produced audio courses, and is on the brink of new frontiers delivering products to help transform study for high-stakes tests, from mundane and loathed to actively raising the madrega/level. Bara holds Masters degrees in Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary and in Art History from the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor. She also has certifications in Hypnosis, Integrative Life Coaching, Reiki, and Neuro-linguistics programming (NLP). She lectures and conducts workshops for students, parents, educators, business people, and creative professionals seeking high-performance results at school, work, and in life. She imbues ceremony in the ordinary, and delights in manifesting the extraordinary. She loves California cuisine, festival ethos, and travel. She regularly produces community events, tends her small fruit orchard, and breathes in the view from her home. She feels extremely grateful for the weave of community, friends, family, teachers, and students. She is most often found with her four-legged familiar, Eloise.

Cara Rock-Singer is in the final months of a Ph.D. in Religion at Columbia University. Her dissertation, Prophetesses of the Body: American Jewish Women and the Politics of Embodied Knowledge, focuses on how women are using embodied spiritual practices to transform American Jewish life. As a participant and observer in Kohenet, Cara has spent the past three years researching, teaching, and writing about its innovative ritual, theological, and textual work. She is lives in Philadelphia, PA, with her husband and daughter.

Cedar Ranney (Oakland, CA) is a multimedia artist, digital storyteller and community weaver living in Huichin (Ohlone) territory known today as Oakland, CA. She grew up in Minnesota in a multifaith household, always a seeker. After graduating from Macalester College with a major in Hebrew and Arabic Languages, they drove across the country to California to immerse in earth- based Jewish community and begin training as a Kohenet. Cedar’s work dances at the intersection of art, activism, and healing. Passionate about our inherent power to respond creatively to change, they offer tools for accessing that creativity and share stories that illuminate our collective wisdom and powerAs their Priestess Project, Cedar founded a videography and photography business called Sacred Witness Media. They delight in bringing their gifts of space holding, deep listening and creative visioning to the production process. Cedar’s commitment to supporting emergent gifts has led to growing involvement in the Communications field. In her communities, Cedar facilitates group ritual and liberatory movement spaces. She is excited to combine her Kohenet training with current studies in movement-based expressive art therapy at the Tamalpa Institute, an integration she envisions supporting her transformative witness and creative facilitation work with both individuals and communities.

Celia Strickler (Baton Rouge, LA)

Deborah Apple (San Francisco, CA)

Elizabeth J. Berger (Long Island, NY) begins with your life story to foster unforgettable ceremonies and ritual moments. She draws from her own narrative to cultivate exhilarating workshop experiences. Elizabeth earned her Master of Science in narrative medicine at Columbia University. She has presented internationally on provider well-being and spirituality in Western medicine. Elizabeth lives on Long Island, a short distance from Manhattan.

Elsa Asher (Oakland, CA) is a somatic therapy practitioner and bodyworker, specializing in prenatal, birth and attachment, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and the autonomic nervous system. Elsa serves as the Executive Director of the Prenatal, Birth & Attachment Clinic, and co-founded Birthing Beyond the Binary. Elsa is also a professor of Narrative Medicine, and teaches at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Columbia University. Elsa is passionate about decolonization, reparations, and rooting in pre-Torah Hebrew tribal identity and ways, and is a founding member of Kehunah.

Elyza Halev (Carrboro, NC) is granddaughter of Russian & Polish immigrants, she seeks to tap the wisdom of her well-ancestors, who on both sides come from the tribe of Lavi. Her proudest moments and deepest challenges have been in the joyous project of mother to Avishai, Davida and Shoshana, now young adults all, along with her partner Jeff. Her past work in public health informs her community organizing and she serves as Jewish educator and artist. Currently she is at work on her next project - the creation of Beit Ohr-Lev b’Derekh, Home to the Light in the Way of the Heart, a space for working through craft, prayer and divination to tap deeply into the source of the Divine to discover and trust in our true path for this one sweet life we have been given.

Erev Richards (Solon, OH)

Reb Geela Rayzel, Eim haDerekh (Melrose Park, PA) is an "unorthodox rabbi”, your basic wild women Shechinah Priestess. She was ordained at the Reconstructionist seminary, honored as an Eshet Hazon (woman of vision) and inducted as a Kohenet as Em Haderech/Mother of the Path.  Reb Rayzel has served four congregations, and yet her path is one of the artist and ritual leader. Geela Rayzel understands the deep mythic structure of the heroine's journey, and brings her skills of group work, songleading, and inspiration to her ceremonies.  She teaches about spirituality, dreams, kabbalah, other Jewish mysteries as she is guided on her path in service to the Divine Feminine.

Hadassah Nechushta bat Yah Shekhinah, The Bronze One, is a widow who lives in Canton, Ohio. She has a BA in business management and operates a small woman-owned business as a Commercial Mortgage Broker. She teaches Torah with an emphasis on its relevance to our everyday lives and she is a healer, prayer writer, and sacred drummer. She is also the President of the East Lincoln Highway Neighborhood Association and holds a certificate in the Neighborhood Leadership Program. She has one daughter who has earned an M.D. and is working on her Pharm. D.

Ilana Joy Streit (Newton Centre, MA)

Janet Devorah Danforth (Durham, NC) is a social worker and chaplain, with Master's Degrees in Social Work, Religious (Jewish) Studies, and Bioethics. She is currently working in a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Chapel Hill, NC, officiating at funerals and creating other bereavement rituals. Her heart is especially open to bikur cholim (visits) with Holocaust Survivors. jdanforth@gmail.com

Jessica Rubin / Yepeth Pearla (Essex Junction, VT) of cohort Hei lives in Vermont called by its Original People the Abenaki: Ndakinna. Here she teaches high school science, mentors girls in nature awareness & earthcrafts, & volunteers in decolonizing and permaculture networks. She responsively tends an earth based Jewish & Interfaith education & mentoring service called Roots & Trails which serves youth, adults, & communities through workshops, rituals, retreats, & wilderness trips. She also facilitates an ecological resilience service called Mycoevolve which offers habitat enhancing earthwork, regenerative agriculture, educational workshops, and conducts research in mycoremediation for watershed protection. Mycovelve hosts VT Myconode who currently grows mycellium to heal polluted areas on earth. As Ozeret Shorashim, she joins with others in lovingly tearing down the empire while growing the garden.

Judi Dash (Chevy Chase, MD)

Judith Maeryam Wouk (Ottawa, Canada) is a Neviah Metophephet/Oracle of Rhythms/Re-Framer of Stories. A member of the Guild of Holy Drummers with a Certificate from the Holy Drumming Institute (Elat Chayyim, Spring 2011, Adar II 5771), she teaches beginning frame drum (tar) and riqq (tambourine) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. With degrees in anthropology and law, she is a ritual leader, and political activist for peace, environment and social justice. Women of the Bible, music of the Israelites/Hebrews, death practices, gift economy, sustainable cities, and the feminine divine are themes of her crone study, publications and advocacy.

Judy Hollander (New York, NY)

Juju Urcis (Santa Cruz, CA) is an herbalist and healing guide who offers lifestyle, diet, bodywork and herbal consultations. She has studied Chinese Medicine since 2005, in San Francisco, where she attended ACTCM. She recently moved to Santa Cruz to complete her license in acupuncture. She has a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Nature and Culture, and a certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing, the science of mapping). She devotes her practice to people interested in learning herbology, healing, and living mindfully. She is passionate about learning traditional healing modalities of various cultures and promoting the alchemy of homemade remedies. She believes that healing comes from within, that patients must be active participants in their path to wellness, and that by tuning into our bodies and into nature we can recreate balance in our lives.

Keshira haLev Fife (Pittsburgh, PA) is a community leader, ritual creatrix, songstress, and world traveler who sprinkles sparkles, disrupts expectations, and offers blessings wherever she goes. She is a life spiral ceremony celebrant, specializing in multifaith and multicultural weddings, and helping people to mark life's milestones in Jewish ways. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. She delights in priestessing in her home cities or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Sydney, Australia or wherever her travels may take her.

Ketzirah Lesser (Washington D.C.) is a sacred artist creating modern amulets, altars, and ceremonies inspired by the rich depth of Jewish history and traditions. She was a member of the first cohort of women to receive ordination as a Kohenet, through the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute.  She also received ordination as a Celebrant of Becoming, a spiritual community she co-led in Washington DC from 2002-2012. In 2017, she launched the Devotaj Sacred Arts Academy, bringing her approach to the sacred arts to spiritual seekers and bold souls. She is the author of Ruby Red Seeds: a collection of poetry, prayer, and midrash; as well as several haggadot including The Peeling a Pomegranate Haggadah, The Hanukkah Seder, and The Shavuot Seder of the Seven Prophetesses. While currently on a hiatus from OneShul, an online synagogue, she served director from 2015-2017 and from 2008-2017 led live-streaming interactive Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, High Holiday services.

Leah Chava Reiner (Williamsburg, MA)

Reb Leah Novick, Eim haDerekh (Mt Carmel, CA)

Rabbi Lynn Gottleib, Eim haDerekh (Berkeley, CA) is one of the first women to become a rabbi in Jewish history, is a pioneer Jewish feminist, peace activist, writer, visual artist, ceremonialist, community organizer and master storyteller. Lynn has served as a congregational rabbi since the fall of 1973, and co-founded Nahalat Shalom Congregation in ABQ, NM. Since 1964, Lynn has engaged in multifaith, intergenerational and multicultural organizing around issues of economic, racial, indigenous and gender justice, as well as Palestine solidarity. She is a Fellow of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, co-founder of The Community of Living Traditions at Stony Point Center, NY, and co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish Peacewalk which brought tens of thousands of people together in 18 cities through the US and Canada. Currently Lynn serves as Director of Youth and Family Programming at Chochmat Halev, and as director of Shomeret Shalom Global Congregation. She is author of Peace Primer II, She Who Dwells Within: A Feminist Vision of Renewed Judaism, and World Beyond Borders Passover Haggadah which was reviewed as the best haggadah of 2017. She serves as chair of the board of Interfaith Movement of Human Integrity and is on the Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinic Council. Mother to Nataniel, Lynn is very funny.

Lori Ayela Wynters (New Paltz, NY) serves as Faculty at the Graduate Institute at Goddard College in Embodiment Studies, SUNY New Paltz, Lesley University and a visiting faculty member at Vassar College. A teacher, dancer and mother, she has a particular interest in the transformational nature of the lived experiences of women and girls who are valued and supported as they give voice to their stories. Currently in the Spiritual Direction Program at Hebrew Union College and in rabbinical study, Lori Ayela leads life cycle ceremonies, workshops and retreats, exploring the wisdom of our body's knowing, for greater freedom, connection, meaning and sweetness in our daily lives.  

Ma’ayana Gail Tishman (Mt. Laurel, NJ) holds ordination from the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and smicha from her spiritual teacher as Morat Shechinah b’Yisrael (Teacher of the Divine Feminine in Israel).  As a spiritual teacher, her work includes leading Torah study, classes, and programs for those seeking a deeper Jewish spiritual connection; leading traditional and non-traditional life-cycle rituals, including wisdom/sage-ing ceremonies, healing, birth, and parenting rituals, and end-of-life ceremonies.  She is a fiber artist who creates tallitot and teaches others to make their own. In addition to more than 20 years of learning and using practical Kaballah, Kohenet Ma'ayana has studied Jewish Shamanic Healing and Western Occult practices and uses that knowledge to offer energetic clearing of individuals and spaces, and to create personalized amulets and amulet protection bowls for health and well-being of individual and home.  Kohenet Ma'ayana lives in Burlington County, NJ, where she is deeply engaged in the greater Jewish community.

Maggie Anton, Eim haDerekh

Margie Malka Necha Klein Ronkin (Jamaica Plain, MA) serves as the Director of Clergy & Leadership Development at the Essex County Community Organization (an affiliate of the Massachusetts Community Action Network and Faith in Action), and as the Rabbi of Sha’arei Shalom in Ashland, MA. A graduate of Yale University and Hebrew College, Rabbi Margie is the creator of Moishe/Kavod House in Brookline, MA, a community of 600 Jews in their 20s and 30s dedicated to Tikkun Olam, the repair of the world. Rabbi Margie is a member of the Synagogue 3000 Emergent Communities Leadership Network, and was invited to the White House with other religious leaders to speak about her work. She is the co-editor of Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice (Jewish Lights), and her Jewish social justice efforts have been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Newsweek, and CNN.

Mei Mei Miriaym (West Point, VA) is a maggid of mayim chayim, living waters, and a charash, a shape shifter, reshaping wood into yads, and consciousness through storytelling, teaching, empathic traveling, and fiction writing.  A priestess of the Yoruba deity of fresh water Osun since 1992, Nigeria is my other home. A Hasid at heart, a Bay Fall, too. A gosheret gesharim, a bridge builder, and a shomeret, a guardian, of trees, plants, water, people and other animals.  An anthropologist of religion, and teacher of Africana studies with particular interests in genders, religions and arts. The maggid of my shul. Co-edited Osun Across the Waters: A Yoruba Goddess in Africa and the Americas, and numerous articles about Yoruba religion.  Writer of a Jewish mystical lesbian historical novel, The Lioness on the Ark, as well as an ongoing series of midrash on Animal Judaism. Water is medicine, and people are medicine, including the furry, scaled, leafed, winged and web footed. Ire, ire, ire, ire, ire-o!

Mischa Skolnik (Berkeley, CA) is an artist of life, who creates spaces and situations for personal growth and collective development. She is the owner of Midnight Picnic, a platform for life coaching, event planning, and cooking through which she works her magic. She works with individuals and groups to hold people accountable for the changes they want to make to improve their overall health and happiness. She nourishes the mind, body, and spirit to encourage others to tap into their inner light, as a way of reclaiming balance, beauty, and wholeness. She is a ceremonialist, who helps create meaningful rituals, experiences, and practices for various life passages. As a priestess and yogini, she is an advocate of diving deep into the inner worlds to comb through old paradigms and restore love, joy, happiness, and balance to the human experience. She is an advocate of authentic human relating, and works heavily in the realms of relationships, community building, and transformation of all limitations to experiencing the fullness and awesomeness of life!

Nancy Handwerger (Garnet Valley, PA) is a mother of four, a vocal activist and artist.  Her spiritual practice began as a teacher of Yoga 50 years ago as an LCSW and graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Therapy,  By special request, she offers integrated therapy and energy healing sessions along with workshops on Jewish Meditation, Kabbalah and Hebrew Letters. Her inspiration through music, then art, comes through paintings of the Letters in her book: The Hebrew Letters Speak. She leads monthly and holiday services for a local senior residential center, and is active in Jewish communities in both San Diego and in the suburbs of Philadelphia.   Her new inspiration is to integrate biblical and/or contemporary Jewish women in paintings with a Hebrew Letter. Now at the age of 80 years, she looks back upon a lifetime and continuation of varied learnings and offerings.

Naomi Azriel Izen (Somerville, MA) is an event stylist, floral artist and curator of eclectic and sacred objects. As the owner and visionary of her own lifestyle design business, she is inspired by all things textural, wild patterns, heirloom flowers and creating spaces that allow for connection. She is known for her bohemian, sustainable and low-waste weddings that she designs. She also spends much of her time mentoring young adults to create the Jewish communities of their dreams through Moishe House. A graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Naomi Azriel has worked for Interior and Lifestyle design magazines such as Lonny Magazine and Country Living Magazine, was the events editor for a global interior design publication, The Editor-at-Large.

Nina Pick (Inverness, CA) is an editor at Princeton Architectural Press, where she works on books about art, architecture, and design, as well as books for children. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks, À Luz and Leaving the Lecture on Dance, and her writing has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She is passionate about exploring questions at the intersection of ecology, spirituality, and depth psychology. When she's not at her computer, she's in the woods.

Nomy Lamm (Olympia, WA) is a multi-media artist whose offerings have included lullabies, rock operas, an experimental novel, zines and comics, a children’s book, many bands and solo albums, live performances, animated videos, and more. Nomy offers space for creative exploration and engagement with our wounded places as a source of transformation. She has been teaching people to sing for almost two decades, helping students move through fear and self-judgement to take up space and find equilibrium in radical authenticity. She has a BA in Multimedia Art and Political Economy from The Evergreen State College, and an MFA in Fiction from San Francisco State University. She has been working with Sins Invalid, a disability justice performance project and movement building organization, since 2008. She lives on occupied Squaxin/Nisqually/Chehalis land in Olympia, WA with her partner Lisa, their dogs Dandelion and Momma, and their cat Calendula.

Orev Reena Katz (Toronto, ONT) is an artist, curator, radio show producer, builder of sound machines, and a Spiritual Care provider for incarcerated people in the prisons of Southern Ontario. She/they work in community, with hands and heart, to make ritual, to build connection, and to struggle with collective justice. Orev lives with her/their beloved partner and feisty cat in Toronto, Ontario, traditional territory of the Huron, Wendat and Mississauga of New Credit nations. As a Jew and a treaty person, Orev strives to honour the One Dish, One Spoon Treaty of the Great Lakes Region.

Paula (Puah) Freedman (Brooklyn, NY)

Rachel Leah Bello (New York, NY) supports healing for body and spirit as a board certified holistic registered nurse at the Mount Sinai Health System, as an integrative health consultant in private practice and as a mystic crafting healing rituals, sacred songs, and blessings. She offers the Jewish mystical traditions of her Yemenite and Turkish ancestors and an extensive education and training in Nursing, Holistic Medicine and Torah.

Rachel Rose Reid (London, England) was the first European to be ordained by the Kohenet Institute. Rachel facilitates learning, ceremony and devotional circles, sharing embodied Jewish practices traced from antiquity to the modern era. Whether in ritual storytelling, or community organising, Rachel's work opens minds and creates meaningful connection between people in city neighbourhoods, and between Jewish people and their ancestry.  As a storyteller, she's worked for BBC Radio 3, the London Symphony Orchestra, & the Royal Shakespeare Company. In the Jewish community, her mission has been to create opportunities for establishing common ground, & for the unaffiliated to reclaim meaningful Jewish identity.  She co-founded Moishe House London, and has been a director of multi-denominational pop-up High Holy Day community Grassroots Jews.

Rae Abileah (Nederland, CO)

Rayna Grace Matthews (Mendicino, CO) is a ritual Priestess, an accomplice for Social Justice, a wild lover of the cosmos, a songstress and a story-teller. A self-taught star-gazer, Rayna Grace loves to watch the star and moon-cycles and to share these wonders. With a B.A. and M.F.A. in the performing arts, Rayna Grace loves the magic of humans gathering to tell our stories; through theater, song, and ritual. She is attentive to the details of lighting, setting, and the sensory needs and delights that encourage us to go deeper into the stories and transformation. She is committed to making our communal gathering spaces be the most welcoming with the widest embrace possible. She is an intuitive and trained mediator, bringing deep listening and empathy as the primary tools to hear people’s experiences of hurt and separation, both in one-on-one sessions, and in mediation between groups. She strives for careful words, that when she speaks it is with truth, and not harmful to others. She is currently the steward of land in a rainbow-filled valley in Northern California, where she gardens and keeps seasonal time. She lives with her Beloved partner, her niece, a growing and changing community of adults, and many animals. She is delighted to welcome her just-born child into the earthly realm to share this human dance together.

Rebecca Lemus (Greenbelt, MD) is the daughter of Sheila Lemus, grandaughter of Helen Wilson, and great grandaughter of Leena Levine. She is currently excited about the collective vision of the rising of the G-dss Conciousness in Sisterhoods at this time and is currently a Shamanic healing student at G-dss Mountain with Kohenet/Sophia High Priestess Tianna Mirape. She is currently living in the beautiful Greenbelt Maryland where she is in service as an Artist to the community. She can be found playing Klezmer Clarinet, working with Jewish Youth Groups, and supporting the public school system with long term subbing assignments in visual art, general and instrumental music education, and english as a second language.

Rebekah Erev (Olympia, WA) is a queer, Jewish Ashkenazi, feminist artist and priestess. They work visually, conceptually and as a ritual leader integrating their work as a Kohenet, a Hebrew Priestess. They offer individual intuitive readings with their self-published and popular Malakh Halevanah Deck, a set of divination cards inspired by the moon’s cycle. They offer creativity coaching and life-cycle event officiation with individuals, families and couples. They teach workshops related to their work as a Kohenet and cultivating creativity.  Rebekah has a Masters in Teaching and over sixteen years of facilitation and teaching experience. They are currently working on the project and film: Queer Mikveh Project.

Ri J Turner (Ithaca, NY)

Rinah Rachel (Durham, NC) is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) and Maggidah (Jewish Spiritual Guide and Storyteller) as well as a licensed special education teacher living and working in Durham, NC. She is the co-founder of Sacred Monsters, a creative, progressive Jewish worship community, and Our Sacred Circles (OSC). OSC houses Rinah's life cycle celebrations, healing rituals, spiritual support, and visioning  work, in addition to women's gatherings and trainings and the Women's Wisdom Project. She has spent over a decade leading multi-faith sharing circles, peace vigils, alternative Jewish holiday celebrations, art-based workshops and magic and nature camps for children.

Sarah Bracha Gershuny (Boulder, CO)

Sarah Ester Richards (Salon, OH) is a spiritual engineer and priestess of manifestation. She designs and creates physical apparatus, mathematical processes, and ritual elements which can be used to express spiritual concepts, solve spiritual problems, or achieve spiritual goals. Her technique blends intuition, symbol, journey, and logic, leading to an innovative approach to ritual and teaching. Sarah Esther is also an archery instructor and finds tremendous joy in teaching this ancient craft to children and adults.

Sarah Shamirah Bechirah Chandler (Brooklyn, NY) is a guardian of sacred texts, a weaver of earth-based rituals, and a visionary of modern Judaism. Rooted in tradition, she radically reignites the divine relationship for a contemporary integrated Jewish life. With compassion for all life, she renews ancient texts through adventure, spirit, and personal empowerment. Ordained as a Kohenet in 2015, she is a Jewish experiential educator, community activist, and earth-based spiritual leader. Currently she is the CCO (Chief Compassion Officer) and team leader at JIFA (Jewish Initiative For Animals) where she works to support Jewish institutions to establish meaningful food policies rooted in Jewish ethics and animal welfare. She holds an MA in Jewish Education and an MA in Hebrew Bible from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a certificate in Non-Profit Management and Jewish Communal Leadership from Columbia University. She teaches, writes, and consults on a national level on issues related to Judaism, earth-based spiritual practice, the environment, mindfulness, food values, and farming. Currently, Shamirah is studying at The Wisdom School of S.O.P.H.I.A.

Sarah Tziporah Moser answers the Divine call to her most rooted sovereign self as she receives smicha as a Kohenet. She tends portals with gevurah (holy boundaries) and chesed (lovingkindess), embodying wisdom and sovereignty through empathic, allied, and loving resource in all acts of reaching into the beyond. In 2018, she began rabbinical school with the Academy of Jewish Religion, California where she is working towards a Masters program culminating in expected ordination in 2023. Her current work specializes in intuitive herbal and energetic healing, altar-work, poetic prescriptions, and open-tent hospitality. She helps facilitate the discovery of open portals in wilderness through courageous ritual leadership, fierce boundary-tending, and wilderness and fire-tending skills.

Sharon Jaffe (Minneapolis, MN) lives in Minnesota, works as a hospice chaplain and is taking a break from grassroots lesbian feminist organizing to tend her mother. Vision centers around increasing visibility of kohenet and a focus on Jewish Water Rituals...mikvah & taharah.  So stay tuned. Also, Makom Shalom, a Jewish Women's Sacred Circle is a kohenet style monthly adventure.

Sheryl Shayndel Adler (Davis, CA) is a mother, cantor, teacher and holistic health practitioner. She is receiving ordination as a Hazzan/ Spiritual Leader from Aleph Ordination Program; is a teacher of Uncovering the Voice; a Kol Zimra Chant Leader and a graduate of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. Shayndel has been an educator for over 23 years with a focus on Waldorf Education and she has a Teaching Credential and BA in Liberal Studies/ Elementary Education from Humboldt State University.

Sheva Melmed (Silver Spring, MD) works in the realms of dreams, stories, folktale wisdom, Mythic Living,  living and honoring the Seasons, honoring Earth, Sky and Ancestors, art within nature, presence and grounding in Mothering, and more. Sheva has practiced clinical social work since 2005 and has been an ordained Kohenet since 2011. She has led numerous women's, dream, and moon groups and circles as well as worked with individuals seeking further authentic connection to self, community and relationship to the world.  She holds space for individuals and groups for authentic story and connection to emerge. Sheva's offerings include dreamwork, circle work, life cycle ceremony, and guidance in these realms and more.

Shoshana Bricklin (Philadelphia, PA) is a political priestess whose kohenet training grounds her work as a lawyer and local public policy expert in Philadelphia. She creates haftarot, prophetic chantings, to challenge the status quo and transform the world by combining ancient words of the prophets with more modern texts including Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Luther King, Jr., Audre Lorde, Pope Francis and many others. She is also an avid knitter and created a Facebook page called;Yoni Omer: Shechinah Journey Through the Wilderness which displays pictures of her knitted yonis in the colors of
the sephirot for each day of the Omer.

Stacey-Sephirah Oshkello (Moretown, VT) is the co-founder of Living Tree Alliance, a co-housing community situated on an organic farm in Vermont, that hosts earth-based Jewish enrichment programs. Stacey - Sephirah organizes festival celebrations, family holiday events, and educational programs that integrate the seasons with the Hebrew calendar and foster transformational experiences. As a Priestess and Registered Dietitian, she supports people in healthy lifestyle change that integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Tiana Mirapae (Montague, MA) is the Founder, Director & High Priestess of The Wisdom School & Temple of S.O.P.H.I.A. (an acronym for Shaman, Oracle, Priest-ess, Healer, Intuitive & Alchemist) on Goddess Mt Temple Sanctuary in Montague, MA. She is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner & Shamanic Healer. Tiana has specialized in Women’s Health Issues, Trauma healing,  sacred intimacy, communication and sex therapy for couples & individuals for over 30 years in a Gynecology practice in Longmeadow, MA.

Tamar Juna Berry (Bali, Indonesia) is a natural mystic.  She practices divination and sacred magic in the realm of the Spiritual World and is the creatrix of Tarot Netivot — a feminine Hebraic divination system.  Specialties include creative problem solving; removing spiritual blocks; dream interpretation; connecting with one’s bashert; exorcism of earth based spirits and dybbuks; and animal communication.  Tamar resides behind the bamboo curtain. Her long distance work in the spiritual realm is highly effective and does not require face to face.  

Whitney Aliyah is a free-style-life-est, who joyfully weaves an eclectic background and future. As an eternal traveler and student, she intends to continue honing and broadening the edges of her Priestess role. She is experienced as a clear reflector and space holder. She is also an aspiring astrologer, facilitator, creative writer and explorer of all things embodied.

Yael Schonzeit (San Francisco, CA) is a devotional musician, ceremonialist and lover of love. She is dedicated to cultivating spiritual community and practice that is dynamic, embodied, feminist, earth reverent and counter-oppressive. She is devoted to a Judaism that centers the experiences, narratives and resilience of those who have been historically marginalized from Jewish spaces. She supports spiritual seekers in cultivating relationship with themselves, life and the Divine by priestessing at the intersections of spirit, art, healing and ancestral memory. Yael has a Bachelors in Social Work from New York University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Divinity at Starr King School for the Ministry, a multi-religious counter oppressive theological seminary at the GTU.

Yocheved Lansman (Boulder, CO)

Yosefa Rafaela Strauss z”l